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Jolin Globe Supports National Parks

The Joplin Globe

March 26, 2014
Our View: Park idea a mistake
— Debate is heating up in Jefferson City over a Republican proposal to transfer Ozark National Scenic Riverways from the National Park Service to the state of Missouri and make it part of the state park system.

People living near the Current and Jacks Fork rivers are unhappy with a recommended management plan for the park, and they’re pushing to remove those rivers from the federal control the park has been under for 50 years.

A similar proposal has been introduced in Congress by U.S. Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo.

Tax and Spend Liberals Want Missouri Taxpayers to Pay for Park

Missouri House keeps funding for park takeover

Chris Blank, The Associated Press

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Money for a possible state takeover of a southeastern Missouri park remains in next year’s proposed state operating budget, but funding for expanding the Medicaid health care program for the poor was left out.

More on the Tank Farm Threat

MIDKIFF: Fuel tanks threaten a pristine Missouri river
Columbia Heartbeat
19 Mar 2014
Published Date
Written by Ken Midkiff
"It is much easier to prevent pollution than to clean it up."

By Ken Midkiff

COLUMBIA, Mo 3/19/14 (Op Ed) -- Near the Willow Springs, Missouri headwaters of the Eleven Point River -- an Ozark National Scenic River, a National Wild and Scenic River, and a favorite float stream -- Coastal Energy has a tank farm.

Monsanto Causing Infertility?

(EDITOR's Note: The following article from "The Institute of Science in Society" was received via email and can be read in its entirety at the link given at the conclusion of this abbreviated article. It is important to note that sperm counts in Missouri have shown a dramatic decrease in recent years, and in fact a greater decrease than that of some other states. Does Missouri's Monsanto sell more Roundup in Missouri, just because it is located here?)


( press-release@i-sis.org.uk
Mar 19 at 9:04 AM)


Editor's Note: The following link (http://www.npr.org/2014/02/14/276782467/report-burning-natural-gas-is-be...)
(title of this story: REPORT: Burning Natural Gas IS Better Than Using Coal)


(Editor's note: It is assumed that the following is in the public domain, as it was published on ORION)

The Orion Blog

Breaking Up with the Sierra Club

March 23, 2012, by Sandra Steingraber

Orion‘s search for a more truthful relationship between humans and the natural world occasionally calls for the expression of outrage. The more we learn about a gas-drilling practice called hydraulic fracturing—or “fracking”—the more we see it as a zenith of violence and disconnect, impulses that seem to be gathering on the horizon like thunder clouds.

Lies about the closing of the Herculaneum Smelter

Once again Representative Jason Smith has been busy spreading misinformation and untruths about the closing of Doe Run’s Herculaneum Smelter earlier this year. It conveniently helps his rant against government regulations. I suspect he thinks this will gather him votes to get re-elected this year.He asserts it's due to Obama Administration regulatory overreach. He and others in RIGHT WING LAND claim it is also a way to control guns by limiting the amount of lead for ammunition.

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